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New technologies are changing the rules of the game for Investor Relations but the goal remains the same – to communicate accurate, timely and relevant information to investors. And with the world operating at Google speed, it is more important than ever that companies leverage every opportunity to communicate effectively with shareholders.

Mobile and social media channels provide new avenues for companies to reach and engage stakeholders including investors, analysts, journalists and influencers. The Public Register is proud to partner with Mobisoft Infotech to offer IR Pulse as a reliable tool that delivers information directly into the hands of people who need it.

The traditional annual report has evolved, and so has The Public Register. From paper and postage stamps to pixels and native apps.

Through this blog, we’ll share our insights that put the evolution of investor relations in context for IR Officers. Read our first post announcing IR Pulse.

Your investors are always on their mobile phones. Are you?

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